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Mind, Body & SoulMind, Body & SoulMind, Body & Soul

A New Era of Wellness

Welcome to an entirely new era of wellness. The new Aquamar Spa + Vitality Center has been thoughtfully designed to enhance your experience through an array of wellness encounters uniquely curated to encompass our hallmark offerings – The Finest Cuisine at Sea™, alluring destinations and our intimate and luxurious ships.

Beyond the Spa

a holistic approach to well-being is at the very heart of our new aquamar spa + vitality center, which offers a wide array of programs, services and experiences designed to help you live your best life. of course, rejuvenating spa treatments and healing therapies are an essential part of this philosophy.

  • Aquamar - Beyond The Spa

    Far More Than a Spa

    from complimentary fitness classes and plant-based menus on board to excursions in worldwide destinations that reveal timeless wellness practices, aquamar encourages a lifestyle of health and longevity.

Find Your Balance

when indulgence converges with moderation and when relaxation mingles with vigor, optimal well-being is achieved. aquamar spa + vitality center helps you attain this balance through programs and services that support all dimensions of wellness. enriching presentations on board and enlightening adventures ashore stimulate the intellect. healthy menu choices and personal training consultations boost physical fitness. revitalizing massages or oxygen facials instill a radiant glow that soothes the soul. taken as a whole, the aquamar experience translates to the best possible quality of life during your voyage with oceania cruises and beyond.

  • Think Beyond The Spa


    • Rejuvenating treatments and healing therapies
    • Medi-spa services to promote youthful radiance
    • Aquamar Vitality Cuisine and extensive plant-based menus in The Grand Dining Room
    • Exclusive collection of Wellness Discovery Tours by Aquamar in global destinations
    • State-of-the-art fitness center and complimentary fitness classes
    • Nutrition and lifestyle consultations
    • Wellness presentations and enrichment lectures
    • Aquamar Spa Terrace with thalassotherapy pool or whirlpools
    • Steam room, fitness track and salon
    • Sauna on board Marina and Riviera
    • Medi-spa services on board Marina and Riviera to promote youthful radiance

Restore & Revitalize

your wellness experience with the aquamar spa + vitality center begins within the spa itself, where rejuvenating treatments transform you into your radiant best. relax in the open-air whirlpool on the private sun deck before indulging in a basalt stone massage, or harness the wisdom of the far east with the ancient practice of reflexology, which promotes better sleep and circulation. energize yourself with a full-body ritual of an herbal wrap and botanical masque, or pamper yourself with a luxurious french manicure.

  • Aquamar Spa + Vitality Center


    explore the array of body treatments, massages, facials, medi-spa services and more in the menu of services below.

Aquamar Vitality CuisineAquamar Vitality CuisineAlternative Text


Much like the Mediterranean diet, which is renowned as one of the healthiest in the world, The Finest Cuisine at Sea® is built around the freshest, highest-quality ingredients and whole foods.
  • Extensive array of gourmet plant-based dishes in The Grand Dining Room aboard all ships
  • The most extensive menus at sea for breakfast, lunch and dinner with offerings to please every palate
  • Energizing breakfast options at the Raw Juice & Smoothie Bar at Waves Grill


wake up to an array of sweet and savory options that help you start your day energized and satisfied.

  • Alternative Text

    Featured Menu Highlights

    • Banana-oatmeal pancakes with berries and maple syrup
    • Green apple müesli with pistachios, pecans and yellow raisins
    • Avocado toast on rustic farmer's bread


come lunchtime, light and refreshing soups and salads as well as hearty pastas, healthy power bowls and flavorful poke bowls featuring an array of fresh vegetables and ingredients await.

  • Alternative Text

    Featured Menu Highlights

    • Chilled melon soup with port
    • Korean kimchi soup
    • Wakame sesame salad
    • Hawaiian poke bowl
    • Presto penne with broccoli and sundried tomatoes



dinner brings about an ever-changing five-course menu drawing inspiration from cuisines around the world – greek, italian, mexican, middle eastern, thai, vietnamese and more.

  • Alternative Text

    Featured Menu Highlights

    • Som tam green papaya kelp noodle salad
    • Roasted butternut squash with arugula, mango, black radish and hearts of palm
    • Falafel fritters with plant-based harissa mayo, cucumber, mint and capers
    • Vodka-marinated strawberries Romanoff with plant-based vanilla ice cream
    • Summer berry pudding Chantilly


Raw Juice & Smoothie Bar

The only cold-pressed Raw Juice & Smoothie Bar at sea serves up raw juices, plant-based smoothies and healthy energy bowls at Waves Grill during breakfast aboard Marina and Riviera. Choices include refreshing options such as the Rise & Shine with freshly pressed orange, carrot, apple and beet juices with ginger and turmeric, and the Acai Berry Bowl with homemade cashew milk, acai berries and dates.

  • Alternative Text

    Featured Menu Highlights

    • Yellow Sunshine, a smoothie with orange juice, banana, mango and ginger
    • Rise & Shine, a freshly pressed juice with orange, carrot, apple and beet juices, plus ginger and turmeric
    • Acai Berry Bowl with cashew milk, acai berries, dates and much more
Wellness Discovery ToursWellness Discovery ToursWellness Discovery Tours

Wellness Discovery Tours
by Aquamar

From ancient mineral baths outside of Rome to a traditional teahouse in Myanmar, our Wellness Discovery Tours by Aquamar offer exclusive excursions ashore that reveal timeless wellness practices of locales around the world. Alluring destinations, fascinating cultures and healthy living come together to create innovative and rejuvenating travel experiences. With more than 50 options, the tours featured here are only the beginning.

Mediterranean & Northern Europe
Wellness Discovery Tours by Aquamar

the birthplace of the celebrated mediterranean diet, this charismatic region is the perfect backdrop for hitting the reset button and tapping into rejuvenating practices that center you. try tai chi in tranquil french gardens, learn all about the benefits of apitherapy at a beekeeping farm in the andalusian countryside, discover local culinary traditions at an organic farm in greece and much more.

  • Saint Jean de Luz, France

    Hike Along the Basque Coastal Path

    Port: Biarritz (Saint-Jean-de-Luz)
    Tour Length: Half-Day (Approximately 3 1/2 hours)
    • Follow an immensely picturesque path along the Atlantic Ocean, passing through a variety of wild landscapes.
    • The small fishing village of Guéthary is the starting point for your hike. As you look around, you can’t help but notice that this is pure Basque country. 
    • Along the way, the guide will offer commentary regarding the Basque culture and geological features.
    • As you approach to Saint Jean de Luz pause at Point de Sainte-Barbe to take in the spectacular view of the bay.
  • Healthy Stroll Along the Cliffs and Getxo

    Healthy Stroll Along the Cliffs and Getxo

    Port: Bilbao, Spain
    Tour Length: Half-Day (Approximately 4 hours)
    • Take a brisk walk along a geologically important cliff-lined beach to a fishing village.
    • Pass several remarkable 18th-century attractions, including a windmill and a fortress.
    • Gain insight into the Basque way of life in the fishing village of Getxo.
    • Enjoy free time in Getxo, where you might enjoy a plate of tapas on your own.
  • Bordeaux, France Biking Tour

    Bordeaux Biking Tour

    Port: Bordeaux, France
    Tour Length: Half-Day (Approximately 2 1/2 hours)
    • Ride a bicycle through the medieval heart of Bordeaux.
    • Maintain a comfortable pace that allows you to really take in the highlights.
    • Pass landmarks that may include the Roman amphitheater and ancient defensive walls.
    • You may also see areas that you might wish to explore later on your own such as Rue Sainte-Catherine. This lengthy, pedestrian-only street is one of Bordeaux’s primary spots for shopping.
  • Santiago de Compostela, Spain

    Hiking the Old St. James Path

    Port: La Coruña, Spain
    Tour Length: Full-Day (Approximately 6 hours)
    • Walk a section of a centuries-old pilgrimage path that leads to Santiago de Compostela and the cathedral where Saint James may be buried.
    • Settle in for a picturesque drive inland to Melide, a village along a pilgrimage route known as the Way of St. James.
    • Follow in the footsteps of the pilgrims by walking a section of the path, the entirety of which UNESCO has declared a World Heritage site.
  • Corfu, Greece Cup of Tea

    Corfu and the Greek Gods of Wellness

    Port: Corfu, Greece
    Tour Length: Half-Day (Approximately 4 1/2 hours)
    • Practice yoga and meditation at a serene country estate and then watch a chef prepare delectable vegetarian lunch for you using fresh, organic ingredients.
    • Drive into the interior of Corfu, a fertile agricultural area that inspired the island’s nickname—the Emerald Island.
    • Assume a variety of postures with the intent of achieving peace in body and mind. 
    • Mindful meditation perfectly complements yoga and is highly beneficial.
  • Dubrovnik, Croatia Yoga at the Lokrum Island

    Yoga At Lokrum Island & Old Town

    Port: Dubrovnik, Croatia
    Tour Length: Half-Day (Approximately 5 1/2 hours)
    • Practice yoga in the shade of a leafy olive grove on Lokrum Island.
    • Cruise to and from the island in a small boat while admiring the spectacular scenery.
    • Explore Dubrovnik’s wonderfully atmospheric medieval Old Town.
  • Wellness in the Valley

    Wellness in the Valley

    Port: Jerusalem (Haifa), Israel
    Tour Length: Half-Day (Approximately 5 hours)
    • Discover how healthy living is promoted in the Jezreel Valley by visiting an organic farming settlement, browsing a natural cosmetics store and creating your own healthful product.
    • Discover the many ways that Nahalal encourages a healthy lifestyle and promotes wellness.
    • Find a flagship shop for Lavido, a brand of organic cosmetics full of natural vitamins and minerals. Many of the plants used in the cosmetics are grown in Nahalal, using permaculture methods that mimic the laws of nature.
  • Wellness Tour Málaga, Spain

    Wellness-Arabian Bath Experience in MÁLAGA

    Port: Málaga, Spain
    Tour Length: Half-Day (Approximately 4 hours)
    • Experience Hammam Granada, where age-old Arab bathhouse traditions endure.
    • Soak in different pools with a variety of temperatures designed to stimulate your circulation.
    • Rejoice in a peaceful ambiance of softly flickering candles and mellifluous Arab music.
    • Allow a soothing massage with aromatic oils to release all of your tension.
    • Roam the maze-like warren of Albaicín, Granada’s nearly intact medieval Moorish quarter, a UNESCO World Heritage site.
    • Partake in a delectable traditional Andalusian lunch.
  • Wellness Wine Tasting - Santorini, Greece

    Yoga & Wine Tasting Overlooking Caldera

    Port: Santorini, Greece
    Tour Length: Half-Day (Approximately 3 1/2 hours)
    • Journey to the family-owned Venetsanos Winery, which perches over Santorini’s magnificent submerged caldera.
    • Rejoice in a relaxing, meditative yoga session on an outdoor terrace at the winery.
    • Enjoy a tasting of three of Venetsanos’ premier vintages.
    • Learn the effect Santorini’s terroir has on the distinctive character of the island’s wines.
    • Remain in enchanting Fira to explore or shop, if you choose.

Asia & Australia
Wellness Discovery Tours by Aquamar

美高梅游戏充值what better place to rediscover your zen state-of-mind than asia or australia? benefit from this region’s centuries-old relationship with wellness and immerse yourself in holistic therapies and indigenous healing practices. try reflexology on a rice barge in thailand, soak in revitalizing mud baths in a maori-owned thermal park or even meet with a traditional ayurveda doctor in india for an insightful consultation.

  • Qigong

    Spiritual Drumming and Adelaide Sights

    Port: Adelaide, Australia
    Tour Length: Half-Day (Approximately 4 hours)
    • Visit a center known for promoting the therapeutic effects of drumming on the body and mind.
    • Learn to harness the power of spiritual drumming as a medium for self-realization and deep relaxation.
    • Feel your tensions diminish and your concentration increase as you settle into the rhythm.
    • Leave the session inspired and invigorated, possibly inspired to explore the techniques further at home.
    • Enjoy a purposefully roundabout route back to the pier, passing numerous Adelaide landmarks.
  • Inner Calm, Relax and Rejuvenate

    Inner Calm, Relax and Rejuvenate

    Port: Brisbane, Australia
    Tour Length: Half-Day (Approximately 5 hours)
    • Travel into an idyllic valley outside Brisbane Walk for yoga, meditation and chanting in the countryside.
    • Enjoy your guided session at Zen Space, a complex where holistic well-being is carefully fostered.
    • Transition through a series of yoga poses, use meditation techniques to center your mind, and release buried stresses with rhythmic chanting.
    • Discover the rejuvenation that comes when these exercises are experienced in combination.
    • Afterwards, enjoy tea and a very relaxed journey back to the ship.
  • Hells Gate Mud Bath Retreat

    Hells Gate Mud Bath Retreat

    Port: Rotorua (Tauranga), New Zealand
    Full-Day (Approximately 6 hours)
    • Settle in for a scenic coach drive inland from the pier to the historic spa region around Lake Rotorua.
    • Get a hands-on intro to the forms of therapeutic geothermal mud used in this place of revitalization long revered by the Maori people.
    • Dine on a healthy lunch cooked in a thermal pool, then head to the spa for a very satisfying mud bath.
    • Step out of your session naturally detoxified, exfoliated and fabulously relaxed.
  • Wellington Sights and Yoga in the Garden

    Wellington Sights and Yoga in the Garden

    Port: Wellington, New Zealand
    Half-Day (Approximately 3 hours)
    • Take in some of the highlights of New Zealand’s capital city en route to a tranquil botanic garden.
    • Experience inner calm and outer awareness during an instructor-led yoga session amidst heritage rose gardens and ferneries.
    • Travel up to the Mount Victoria lookout, renowned for its breathtaking views of Wellington Harbor.
    • See still more of Wellington as your guide points out key locales en route back to the pier.
  • BNK Bangkok, Thailand

    Meditation Experience With a Monk

    Port: Bangkok, Thailand
    Half-Day (Approximately 4 hours)
    • See how monks spend their time at a Buddhist temple surrounded by lotus ponds.
    • Gain insight into how Buddhist meditation can lead to self-liberation and enlightenment.
    • Try to increase your awareness of each moment by meditating with a Buddhist monk.
    • Learn meditation techniques that you can use later.

South America
Wellness Discovery Tours by Aquamar

美高梅游戏充值connect with latin america’s ancient roots in wellness in mesmerizing locales across argentina, chile, ecuador, peru and uruguay. discover bliss at a serene island hideaway outside of buenos aires, pair patagonia’s glacier country with a soak in volcanic hot springs or visit a beautiful eco-friendly resort for a hands-on cooking class focusing on healthy ecuadorian dishes with roots that trace back more than 10,000 years.

  • Buenos Aires, Argentina

    El Descanso Island: Labyrinth of Streams

    Port: Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Tour Length: Full-Day (Approximately 6 1/2 hours)
    • Transfer from the pier to a boat launch where you’ll board a vessel bound for El Descanso Island.
    • Spend the afternoon at this serene retreat tucked within the labyrinth of streams of a lush river delta.
    • Wander gardens planted with a passion for nature and brought further to life with fine art placements.
    • Enjoy a yoga class conducted in this tranquil setting, then a healthy lunch made with locally sourced ingredients.
    • Fully relaxed, cruise back down the scenic river tributaries and back to your waiting ship.
  • Yoga at the beach

    Beach Yoga and Cooking Class At Las Tanusas Eco-Retreat

    Port: Manta, Ecuador
    Tour Length: Full-Day (Approximately 6 1/2 hours)
    • Travel along the coast to Las Tanusas Eco-Retreat, a resort focused on harmony with nature and self.
    • Savor a guided yoga session on a private beach, to a soundtrack of lapping waves and tropical birds.
    • Visit the resort gardens to gather fresh organic ingredients for your hands-on cooking class held at the renowned BocaValdivia restaurant.
    • Learn some ancestral Ecuadorian techniques used by the culinary team as you prepare several dishes.
    • Trade the kitchen for the dining room and savor the delicious and aromatic food that you’ve made.
  • Wellness Discovery Tours Healthy Peruvian Cooking Class

    Healthy Peruvian Cooking Class

    Port: Lima/Machu Picchu (Callao)
    Tour Length: Half-Day (Approximately 4 1/2 hours)
    • Travel to a wonderfully diverse local market and shop the stands with your chef.
    • Encounter more kinds of potato and corn than you’ve probably ever seen, and Andean fruits they definitely don’t stock at your hometown supermarket.
    • Stocked with fresh ingredients, head for the cooking class venue and begin your hands-on recipe prep.
    • Learn the subtleties of Peruvian cuisine and become familiar with the unique superfoods it involves.
    • Sit down and savor the delicious dishes you’ve prepared. You’ve earned it.
  • Puerto Chabuco, Chile Spring Baths

    Wellness and Mindfulness At Ensenada Perez Hot Springs

    Port: Puerto Chacabuco, Chile
    Tour Length: Half Day (Approximately 4 3/4 hours)
    • Board a catamaran at the pier and head out into the majestic scenery of Aysén Fjord.
    • Cruise over crystalline waters past steep mountain flanks and get a unique perspective on unspoiled Chilean Patagonia.
    • Arrive at Ensenada Perez, where you’ll soak in a series of mineral-rich, open-air hot spring pools.
    • Experience a profound sense of wellbeing and mindfulness from your immersion in these soothing waters.
    • Savor a refreshing drink, including the option for a classic Chilean pisco sour, on the return cruise.
  • Ushuaia, Argentina

    Martial Glacier, Meditation in Nature

    Port: Ushuaia, Argentina
    Tour Length: Half Day (Approximately 5 hours)
    • Experience a hike up Ushuaia’s signature glacier, ascending the foothills just behind town.
    • Pass through varied terrain – some of it barren, some of it forested and laced with rocky streams.
    • Reach the heights and be treated to sweeping vistas of the snowy Andes and iconic Beagle Channel.
    • Stop beside a mountain stream for a meditation session, serenaded by the calm sounds of nature.
    • Descend the glacier trail and enjoy a steamy beverage at a snug teahouse in the forest.
Aquamar - A Spa Within A SpaAquamar - A Spa Within A SpaAquamar - A Spa Within A Spa

A Spa Within a Spa

Take advantage of time during your Oceania Cruises voyage to focus on your wellness. Unwind, relax and reconnect with your inner balance. Explore our rejuvenating massages, body therapies, facials and more below.


美高梅游戏充值for centuries, people have turned to water for purification, muscle and joint relief and deep relaxation. our aromatic steam rooms and thalassotherapy pools relieve tired muscles and joints, detoxify the body and promote relaxation.

  • Alternate Text

    Aromatic Steam Room

    enhance your mood and improve your skin in this multisensory, temperature-regulated steam room. breathe in steam infused with your choice of stimulating or relaxing pure herbal essences, then bask in fragrant, 90-percent-plus humidity.

  • Alternate Text

    Thalassotherapy Pool

    unwind in this unique therapeutic environment as flowing saltwater massages your tired muscles. ideal after a workout or before a massage, saltwater therapy can also be used to help improve circulation and reduce joint pain.

  • Alternate Text


    let go of all stress as you relax on our private sundeck. it’s the perfect spot for a meditative moment or a bit of me time before rejoining the ship’s lively social environment.


美高梅游戏充值relish moments of calm and reflection that inspire longevity and complete well-being. massage brings waves of relaxation while addressing the anatomy of the body and stressors that disrupt its natural state. the signature massage therapies at our aquamar spa + vitality center utilize natural ingredients from the earth and sea combined with ancient and modern techniques from around the world to balance, restore and renew the body and spirit.

  • Alternate Text


    whether you're seeking a calming experience, increased engery or relief from a specific condition, our restorative massages provide the perfect wellness experience. 


    • Aroma Stone Therapy
    • Vital Bamboo Massage
    • Nourishing Coconut Poultice Massage
    • R3 Pain Management Therapy — Relax, Repair, Relieve
    • Restorative Salt Stone Massage
    • Deep Tissue Muscle Massage
    • Thai Herbal Poultice Massage
    • Biotec Face Treatment & Body Ritual

    for a complete list of massages, please view the aquamar menu of services


美高梅游戏充值the human body has a deep connection with water. much like the ocean, it is comprised of this element. cleanse the body and maintain its nourishment with a selection of ocean-inspired wraps, polishes, and muds that eliminate toxins and purify the skin for an enriching experience.

  • Aquamar - Bodywork for a Blisful State


    • Musclease Ocean Wrap
    • Marine Detox Wrap
    • Sea Lavender & Samphire Mineralizing Wrap
    • Intensely Cleansing Salt Scrub

    美高梅游戏充值for a complete list of body therapies, please view the aquamar menu of services.


discover your fountain of youth. modern medicine has paved a path for a more youthful-looking skin and body. aquamar spa + vitality center offers an array of safe and effective cosmetic treatments administered by our licensed physician. revitalize your appearance in minutes with little, if any, downtime. the result – a renewed you.

  • Aquamar Aesthetic Treatments

    Aesthetic Treatments

    aquamar's medi-spa services will leave you radiant, energized and confident. these medical treatments rejuvenate your skin by exfoliating, erasing fine lines and brightening skin tone, so you feel your youthful and beautiful best. 

    Signature Services:

    • Restylane® Dermal Filler Treatments*
    • Dysport® Wrinkle Treatments*
    • Thermage® Skin Tightening Treatments*

    for a complete list of medi-spa services and aesthetic treatments, please view the aquamar menu of services.

    *Medi-Spa Services are only on board Marina and Riviera.


hands-on facial treatments use touch as a powerful diagnostic tool, softening and preparing the skin to receive essential vitamins and nutrients. therapeutic treatments call on a combination of ancient and modern massage techniques from around the world.

  • Skin care oil

    Facial Therapies


    • Pro-Collagen Age Defy
    • Caviar Firm And Lift Facial

    美高梅游戏充值for a complete list of facial therapies, please view the aquamar menu of services.


aquamar spa + vitality center’s salon offers luxury hair care products, deluxe services, and a specialty color bar. salon experts can identify haircare needs and create personalized treatments along with everything expected from a full-service salon – manicures, pedicures, brow shaping, and more.

  • Salon Services

    Salon & Barber Shop Services


    • Kérastase® Caviar Revitalizing Ritual
    • Keratin Complex ® Express Blowout
    • Fire & Ice Manicure / Pedicure


    • Pro - Coll Agen Grooming Treatment with Shave

    for a complete list of salon and barber shop services, please view the aquamar menu of services.


Aquamar Fitness & TrainingAquamar Fitness & TrainingAquamar Fitness & Training

Fitness & Training

Aquamar Spa + Vitality Center provides you a blissful wellness retreat at sea that includes complimentary fitness classes and a state-of-the-art fitness center. From sunrise yoga on deck to boot camp to core conditioning, you are sure to find a class to suit your preferences. One-on-one personal training is also available, as is the latest exercise equipment, such as treadmills with heart-rate monitoring and LCD screens, strength-training machines and free weights. Marina and Riviera also feature a Kinesis® exercise wall.

Yoga, Pilates & More

    美高梅游戏充值in addition to the complimentary use of the fitness facilities in the aquamar spa + vitality center, you can join an array of free classes led by professional instructors. with a full range of options, there’s certain to be a class to suit your needs and preferences. from sunrise stretch or yoga flow vinyasa on deck to pure-form pilates, or more comprehensive programs such as high intensity interval training (hiit), instructors guide you through the class, offering tips, advice and helpful hints.

    • Aquamar Fitness and Training


      join one of our complimentary yoga classes to calm your inner mind and improve flexibility, circulation and strength. sunrise yoga is the perfect way to start your day on a healthy note and those new to yoga will appreciate our 45-minute introductory class.

    • Aquamar Fitness & Training


      the popular exercise method known for building core strength, pilates focuses on low-impact flexibility as well as strength and endurance movements. our expertly led classes guide you through exercises that promote core stability, proper posture and muscle control and endurance.

    • Aquamar Fitness & Training


      On board Marina and Riviera, our Kinesis® exercise wall combines cardio, strength and flexibility training in one workout. Named after the ancient Greek word for motion, Kinesis uses cable pulleys that encourage a wide range of motion and allow for a vast number of exercises. Exercises can be customized to suit all levels – request a personal training session to take full advantage of the possibilities.

    • Aquamar Cardio & Training

      Cardio & Strength Training

      work up a sweat on ellipticals, indoor cycling machines and treadmills with heart-rate monitoring and individual lcd screens. our fitness center also offers a full range of the latest strength-training machines. try one of our complimentary bootcamp, indoor cycling or targeted strength-training classes for extra motivation.

    • Aquamar Fitness & Training

      Free Fitness Classes

      Take advantage of our full range of complimentary exercise classes that include offerings appropriate for all fitness levels. Classes range from full-body strength training and ab-focused sessions to stretching and foot fitness. Regardless of what you choose, our instructors will guide you throughout the class, offering adjustments, advice and helpful tips. Check your daily Currents美高梅游戏充值 on board to see the schedule.

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