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美高梅游戏充值our newest collection of voyages brings you immersive travel experiences in some of the most alluring corners of europe. explore northern europe and the mediterranean with our extensive array of boutique new ports such as the striking fishing village of klaksvík on the faroe islands, the enchanting norwegian coastal town of molde and the greek paradise of paros. delve deeper into the culture and history of turkey with calls on compelling destinations such as istanbul, ephesus and bodrum.

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Bar Harbor, Maine, United StatesBar Harbor, Maine, United StatesBar Harbor, Maine, United States

Alaska, Canada & New England

美高梅游戏充值our cruises in bold and beautiful alaska offer endless opportunities to experience the best of the stunning natural surroundings and our sojourns along the eastern seaboard are the perfect way to savor the particular charm of the region.

Marmaris, TurkeyMarmaris, TurkeyMarmaris, Turkey

New Ports

美高梅游戏充值as the pioneer of destination-focused cruising, oceania cruises continually brings you to new and off-the-beaten-path places in the most desirable corners of the world. calling on more than 450 ports around the globe, our voyages invite you to immerse yourself in the culture, history and culinary traditions of the diverse regions we explore.

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    Aberdeen, Scotland

    Treasure dazzling Aberdeen, where the handsome granite buildings literally sparkle due to the prominence of mica in the locally quarried stone. As you explore the compact Old Town, admire the ornate spires of the 1837 Marischal College and pause at the 17th-century Mercat Cross, which is adorned with ten medallions symbolizing the Stuart monarchs. In marvelous St. Machar’s Cathedral, gaze at the timbered ceiling to appreciate the colorful heraldic symbols and, in fascinating Provost Skene’s House, wander medieval rooms appointed with period pieces. Further afield, numerous fairytale castles dot the landscape, including the British royal family’s exquisite Balmoral Castle.
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    Bozcaada (Troy), Turkey

    Delight in this breezy Aegean gem, a beachblessed island also known for producing some of Turkey’s best wines. You’ll notice the ambiance gracefully blends Greek and Turkish sensibilities, evident in the clusters of whitewashed buildings from which the occasional minaret bursts forth. Browse enticing souvenirs crafted by local artisans, perhaps picking up a jar of the island’s delicious tomato marmalade. Beside the cozy harbor, you’ll discover the town’s imposing 15th-century castle, which is among the country’s best preserved. From the crenellated ramparts, look across the crystalline sea and picture Achilles’ arrival to this very spot during the legendary Trojan War.
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    Salerno, Italy

    Experience the sublime atmosphere of the towns and villages that punctuate the Amalfi Coast, a UNESCO World Heritage site for its quintessentially Mediterranean scenery. Stroll along Salerno’s elegant lungomare, a shoreside promenade with far-reaching views of the sea and the mountains beyond. From Amalfi’s quaint Piazza Duomo, walk up ancient steps to the stunning Cathedral of Saint Andrew, while in kaleidoscopic Positano, take postcardworthy photos of houses precariously perched on the shoreside cliffs. Behold the splendid Renaissance palazzi of Sorrento, float above the emerald green waters of a fabled sea cave and take in extraordinary panoramas of the rugged coastline from hilltop Ravello.
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    Eskifjördur, Iceland

    Embrace the traditional Icelandic character of Eskifjördur, a sleepy fishing hamlet tucked into a dramatic fjord of the same name. As you sail into the harbor, marvel at the towering silhouette of Hólmatindur Mountain, an immensely picturesque feature that watches over the town from the opposite shore. Gain a deeper understanding of the region’s fishing heritage at the Maritime Museum and, in the home-turned-museum of a charming local couple, study an astonishing collection of gems, geodes and minerals gathered throughout Iceland. While exploring the surrounding countryside, rejoice at the breathtaking scenery of craggy mountains that rise from vividly green meadows.
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    Klasvík (Faroe Islands), Denmark

    Discover idyllic Klaksvík hugging a protected inlet on Borðoy, one of the finger-like isles at the north end of the Faroe archipelago. In every direction, behold massive mountains carpeted in vividly hued grass speckled with wildflowers. You’ll learn that the region is a haven for sea birds, with orange-beaked puffins among the most cherished. During your explorations, keep an eye out for the island’s fetching turf-roofed houses, which blend seamlessly with the evocative landscape. Step into the Christianskirkjan, an enchanting church that showcases a 4,000-year-old baptismal font and a traditional Faroese fishing boat with a haunting tale to tell.
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    Liepāja, Latvia

    Delve into the layered history of this former Soviet port, now experiencing a well-deserved renaissance. In the fascinating Karosta district, tour a massive military prison built by the czars and later used by the Soviet Union. For a more cheerful side of Liepaja, wander the vibrant city center and discover the city’s wonderfully restored art nouveau buildings, including the bustling Peter’s Market. You’ll delight in the richly ornamented Holy Trinity Cathedral and the St. Nicholas Orthodox Naval Cathedral, brought back to its former glory from its days as a gym and movie theater for Soviet troops.
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    Monopoli, Italy

    Fall into an easygoing Italian way of life in unspoiled Monopoli, a quiet fishing village with a rich history. While strolling the beguiling waterfront promenade, take in the commanding Castle of Charles V. Just inland, discover the UNESCO World Heritage site town of Alberobello, whose cone-roofed homes are both enthralling and enchanting. Thrill to the sight of houses clinging to sea cliffs in Polignano a Mare, and perhaps dine at Grotto Palazzese, an acclaimed restaurant built in a cave with views of the Adriatic. In the evening, join the friendly locals for drinks and lively conversation in Monopoli’s intimate Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi.
  • Malmö, Sweden

    Malmö, Sweden

    Revel in the playful spirit of Malmö, which is linked to Copenhagen by the Øresund Bridge, a marvel of engineering that is Europe’s longest railway and road bridge. As you gaze at Malmö’s twinkling skyline, you’ll immediately catch sight of the soaring Turning Torso skyscraper, a daring statement by revered Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava. Tour the splendidly preserved Malmöhus Castle, a Renaissance fortification surrounded by a leafy park sprinkled with sculptures. In expansive Stortorget, Malmö’s main square, admire the elaborate City Hall before making your way down Södergatan, an elegant avenue brimming with eclectic boutiques.
  • Marmaris, Turkey

    Marmaris, Turkey

    Turkey's most notable beach resort, Marmaris has a chic and tony 'Riviera' feel to it. An elegant, palm-lined promenade weaves its way around the shoreline, while the marina plays host to a flotilla of gleaming white yachts. Stroll the hilly lanes surrounding Marmaris Castle for a look at some of the city’s more traditional buildings and climb the walls and ramparts of the Ottoman-style castle for excellent harbor views. Ancient and natural history are served up in Dalyan or discover a Turkish tradition with a visit to a hammam or Turkish bath.
  • Melilla, Spain

    Melilla, Spain

    Appreciate the unique nature of graceful Melilla, an autonomous Spanish city on the African coast carved out of Morocco. Soak up the Triángulo del Oro district’s stylish architecture, which outside of Barcelona showcases Spain’s largest collection of modernisme buildings, the architectural style epitomized by Antoni Gaudí. In fortified Old Melilla, stroll cobbled lanes sandwiched between defensive walls and step into the Cuevas des Coventico, natural caves used as a hiding place throughout the ages. Witness the city’s captivating mix of cultures at the Mercadillo de Melilla, where savvy shoppers throng in search of colorful Moroccan goods.
  • Molde, Norway

    Molde, Norway

    Celebrate the wonders of a land steeped in myth and beauty by exploring enchanting Molde or venturing forth to some of Norway’s most iconic landmarks. From the Varna lookout, absorb the awe-inspiring Molde Panorama, a sweeping view of 222 snow-capped peaks, and meander along the pathways of pristine Hjertøya Island, learning about age-old traditions at the compelling Fisheries Museum. Drive to the Norwegian Sea coast to experience the Atlantic Road, an amazing motorway that curves and swoops above a series of tiny islands, or ascend Norway’s chiseled mountains over waterfalls and lush valleys along the glorious Trollstigen Road.
  • Paros, Greece

    Paros, Greece

    Visualize the ideal Greek getaway and you’re likely to conjure up an image very much like Paros, a radiant island boasting villages of whitewashed houses set off by azure doors and shutters. While exploring the capital of Parikia, visit one of Greece’s oldest Byzantine churches, the venerable Panagia Ekatontapyliani, or Church of 100 Doors. Weave through a maze of stone-paved streets in Naoussa and take memorable photographs of the colorful fishing boats bobbing in the harbor. In the mountainous interior, try the famed tavernas of alluring Lefkes or simply linger on the coast sunning yourself on the island’s immaculate beaches.
  • Saint-Raphaël, France

    Saint-Raphaël, France

    Alight in luminous Saint-Raphaël, a jewel of the Côte d’Azur ideally situated between glittering Cannes and divine Saint-Tropez. You’ll enjoy spectacular views of chic seaside towns and the red-hued Estérel Massif mountains while traveling along the storied Golden Corniche. In glamorous Monaco, see the residence of the Grimaldi royal family and test your luck in the magnificent Casino de Monte Carlo. Arrive in Belle Époque Nice like an aristocrat along the exclusive Promenade des Anglais, discover the origins of French perfume in flower-laden Grasse and then relax at a waterfront café in Saint-Raphaël sipping a local rosé.
  • San Sebastián, Spain

    San Sebastián, Spain

    Uncover the joys of San Sebastián, a decidedly French-influenced city seductively wrapped around the crescent Bay of La Concha. Strolling the elegant streets, you’ll understand why Queen Regent María Christina chose San Sebastián as the holiday playground of the 19th-century European élite. Discover the regal 1889 Palace and Gardens of Miramar and the gracious Town Hall, once the city’s Grand Casino. Travelling along the scenic coast, you’ll find the charismatic village of Hondarribia, famed for its typically Basque wrought-iron balconies, and the cosmopolitan city of Bilbao, where the extraordinary Guggenheim Museum will astonish you with its cutting-edge Frank Gehry design.
  • Turku, Finland

    Turku, Finland

    Approach warm-hearted Turku through a labyrinth of approximately 40,000 picturesque islets, some as small as a suburban back yard. Meander along the sparkling River Aura, the city’s main artery and a hub of appealing shops, cafés and historic buildings. At the river’s mouth, discover the 13th-century Turku Castle, one of Finland’s oldest structures and today an enthralling museum with lavishly furnished period rooms. Visit the well-preserved neighborhood of Luostarinmäki for an immersion into life before the great fire of 1827 and, in the Forum Marinum, step aboard historic vessels including a fabulous 1887 three-masted merchant vessel.
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2021 Collection
Europe and
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美高梅游戏充值our newest collection of voyages brings you immersive, imaginative travel experiences in some of the most alluring corners of europe and north america.

美高梅游戏充值sail away on the journey of your dreams with oceania cruises.

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